Never wanting to leave this wonderful place…

My first month spent in Spain has absolutely surpassed any expectations I previously had. It has completely flown by and when I think about the fact that I am 1/4 done with my semester abroad, I suddenly become sad and think about how I never want to leave this amazing place. The people are just simply so kind and the atmosphere and feel of the city is irreplaceable. School is going great and I also started an internship at a hotel this past week. Life is wonderful. Don’t worry mom and dad; I’m going to come home…

One thing that I love about Spain is that it is very easy to travel throughout the country. We have done so many fun trips on the weekends, and we have many more to come! In the beginning of February, I travelled to Madrid to visit the one and only Sydney Hines! For those of you who don’t know, Syd is from Lancaster and also went to High Point with me, where we were both in the same sorority. She’s spending this year in Madrid teaching. We had such a wonderful weekend and it was great to see a familiar face. While there, we went to an Ellie Goulding concert that was an absolute blast. We spent the whole weekend catching up, eating lots of food, and laughing even more. As I was leaving to head back to Seville, we both looked at each other and said “this weekend was good for the soul.” I’m excited to have her back in Lancaster for a bit this summer!



Ellie Goulding Concert with Syd

Recently, I have started volunteering in a school near me. The kids are so precious and cute. Last week, I worked with kids who were 11-12 years. Old. We made Valentine’s Day cards together and chatted for the time I was there. These kids get so excited to be with us and it makes me so happy to be able to work with them while I am here. They are always so full of joy and cracking jokes left and right.

I also have been interning in a hotel here called The Boutike Hostel. At first, it was completely overwhelming. However, after a week of working there, I am starting to get the hang of things. I work with a woman named Marta and she is wonderful to work with. She has been helping me out along the way (teaching me the ropes) and is just such a happy and funny person. I love the way that people here refer to others as guapa or amor. I think it is just the cutest thing. Here are some pictures of the cute little hotel.

Last week, Fina made us paella and it was SO DELICIOUS. Like so good. She made a huge pot of it and ended up giving half of it away to her friend. She is basically a master chef. The paella had chicken, beef, meatballs, pork, shrimp, calamari, mussels, pepper, onions, and artichokes…so basically everything you can think of. Fina was so cute chatting us up all night. She talked to us about her husband and how they met and she showed us lots of pictures from back in the day…

On Thursday of last week, we went to a soccer game to cheer on two of the guys in our group (Wyatt and Cesar)! They play for Triana, which is a neighborhood here in Seville. It was a lot of fun to watch and they played a great game!


And then sometimes in life, you just need a puppy to lean on…


STEVEN (aka stevie)


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