Two weeks ago, we travelled to Gibraltar for a day trip! Our group piled into two cars, and we were off! When we arrived, it was super windy, which of course led to some funny photos. We went through security, which was interesting because it was basically nonexistent… Since Gibraltar is U.K. territory, we had to show our passports in order to cross borders, but the security was very lenient. We walked over to our tour guides, where we hopped into two vans and began our tour of Gibraltar!


In our van, we started making our way up the Rock of Gibraltar. It was so beautiful and the view continued to get better as we continued to get higher. From the bottom of the rock, you could see these little tiny holes on the edges. As we continued to climb the rock, we realized that they were actually caves. We went inside one of the caves and it was so breathtaking! It was massive and there were different colored lights shining up on the edges of the rocks. Something really cool is that they sometimes hold big concerts inside this cave, which I think would be so amazing!


Another cool fact is that the Straight of Gibraltar is only 15 miles wide, so therefore, you can see Africa from Gibraltar! Luckily, it was a clear day, so we were able to see Africa from where we were. They say that it is usually too cloudy to be able to see it, but we lucked out!



Africa in the background!

Next stop: MONKEYS! This is most definitely what I was most looking forward to. However, I knew that when I actually arrived to the monkeys, I would be so scared… and yes I was. We got to the top of the hill where the monkeys were and when we arrived, there were two monkeys fighting on top of a van. It was all fun and games until the one through the other off of the van, directly towards my feet! Scariest. Moment. Of. My. Life. I ran like a little girl and almost managed to take Natalie over the cliff with me hahaha. Once I got away from that monkey, I found a cute little baby monkey that was peacefully sitting on a rock (I liked this one better). We went around taking lots of pictures of not only the monkeys, but the spectacular scenic view as well (selfies included of course)!


We ended this perfect day with some fish and chips. OH MY WORD. These were the best fish and chips I have ever eaten!


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