Snapshot of the Past Month!

As you can tell, I’ve just been having too much fun to find time to sit down and write a blog! Right now, we are traveling through Italy during our week of Easter vacations!! I can’t believe that the semester is already half way over. It really is crazy how time flies over here! Following are some the most notable activities that I have done in the past month…

One month ago was the huge marathon in Seville. It was awesome to see so many people participating and the huge crowd that it brought created such an energizing environment! Natalie and I rented bikes for the day so that it would be easier to go longer distances and support Sam in the race. It turned out to be a lot of fun and we explored areas that we had not been to before, like many cute little plazas and parks! We cheered on Sam from a few points within the marathon and it was a great time. p.s. go sam for finishing strong in the marathon!IMG_3421

Next up: MARGARITA MONDAY on National margarita day… How fitting! I mean, how can you pass up a margarita on national margarita day? That would be against the rules there…We decided to go to this cute little bar, called The Secondroom and the margaritas were so good. We had great conversation and relaxed a bit. The bar was very close to the cathedral and was located on a little cobblestone street. It was a super cute atmosphere with even better company :).


Each week, Natalie and I like to meet up with our intercambios, who are two local Spanish girls that we talk to. It give us a chance to better our Spanish and it allows them to better their English. The girls that we meet with are Carmen and Ángela and they are really fun to talk to. When we meet, they walk us to common “hang out” places, so it also lets us get to know Seville a little bit better. One time we bought liters of cerveza and tinto de verano, and took them over to the river. It is common for locals my age to hang out by the river on warm afternoons. We were able to experience a little more of the culture, while having great conversation with Carmen and Ángela! Another day, we went to the rooftop terrace of El Corte Inglés. We grabbed a cup of coffee and chatted for a couple of hours…

Next, we played some pick up soccer with some people from our group, where I got to show off my skills, or lack thereof… Even though I am the most uncoordinated person when it comes to soccer, I managed to have a lot of fun! The Spanish people sure do take their soccer seriously!

Three weekends ago, there was a food festival in Seville!! One Sunday, there were a bunch of food trucks lined up by the river, so we decided to check it out. I got some nachos and a Japanese mojito, and both were pretty tasty! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we enjoyed the warm weather! We walked through the plazas and the parks and saw lots of people sitting out playing music and dancing on the streets. We stopped to watch these two guys dance and they were so entertaining and funny. Two little boys came up to them and they taught the little kids some moves. It was the most adorable thing ever!


We also went to a Betis soccer game, which was so fun. Going to sporting events has always been one of my favorite pastimes. The environment was wild. Soccer here in Spain is almost like life to them. It is somewhat like football back home in the states. Spaniards go crazy over it! A really cool things is that Betis is said to have the largest and best fan base! It was awesome to experience a professional soccer game in Spain.


On Monday, we had off school because it was El Día de Andalucia. So, of course we went to Jerez for a wine tasting!! The winery in Jerez was called Tio Pepe and they are very well known for their sherry wine. We saw where they stored all of the wine and we also learned about how they make it and the history behind the vineyard. At the end of the tour, we had a wine tasting with tapas, which were delicious! The wine was a lot different than I have had before because it was a sherry wine, but it was still very good. The whole experience was a lot fun!

The following week, we went to a paella and sangria cooking class. Ever since Fina coked paella for Natalie and I, I have wanted to learn how to cook it. I can’t wait to cook paella when I go back home to the states! It is literally so delicious and pretty simple in concept. The base is rice and there are a bunch of different meats and seafoods in it. SO YUMMY! We all took turns making different things and then sat around a big dining room table to enjoy our masterpiece! This same night, I went to a spinning class at Cuesta Sport and I absolutely loved it! Now, I try to go to spinning as often as I can.


On the weekend of the 5th, Natalie, Molly, Bryttnie, and I took a trip to Paris! I had been there once before, but it was about six years ago, so it was a whole different experience this time around. We had a lot of fun exploring the city and meeting people. When we arrived, we went on a free tour of the city and our tour guide was very outgoing and funny. We walked around the city and got a better understanding of where everything was. A new experience for some of us was the metro system…one of my friends ended up getting stuck in the door and not making it on the train, but no worries, we waited for them at the next stop. Over the entire weekend, we visited the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was so much fun because we went all the way to the top and it was such a beautiful view. We ended up meeting a couple from Texas who photobombed our picture, lol. It was quite windy up there! We also watched the light show on the Eiffel Tower, which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! It was so beauuuuutiful, as my Grandma Peachey would always say…Despite losing 50 euros on the street, it was a fantastic weekend with my friends!



Last weekend, we went to Huelva, Spain to go hiking. We had only planned on staying for one night, but we were having such a great time, so we ended up staying for an extra night. It was such a relaxing weekend and a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of city life. We hiked, sat on the terrace and had beer, cooked over the fire pit, and played card games. Everything went smoothly and we were with a great group of people. The only thing that was quite scary was when Stevie (Sam’s dog) decided to jump into the river… before this, we were unsure if he could swim, so as you can imagine, we were all a little more than worried when we saw his little body jump in. BUT, we managed to swim his way out and came out fine! It was a much needed weekend of pure relaxation.

As you all know, last Thursday was St. Patty’s Day… We went to an Irish Pub in Seville to celebrate this great holiday and it was loads of fun! Good thing they have a couple Irish Pubs because for most people in Seville, St. Patty’s Day isn’t a big deal. ME ON THE OTHER HAND, I love it! So, I was a happy camper and we had a great night with some even better people. We also got a free hat for buying guinness!

As for this week, we have off school for Easter break, so I’m enjoying my time in Italy with Natalie and Bryttnie! We were just in Rome, and now we are spending the rest of the week in Florence. 🙂